Behind the Name



The original tale “The Princess and the Pea,” by Hans Christian Anderson, written in the mid 1800s, describes the story of a prince in search of a princess. Unlike other folklore stories, this princess is tested by her reaction to physical sensitivity when a pea is placed under her bed. After piling up 20 matresses and feather beds the princess claims she had awful and sleepless night and, afterall only a princess could be that sensitve. The traditional story is often criticized for drawing the parallel between sensitivity and women as well as royalty. I am here to rewrite the criticism and tell eveyrone what really happened.


It occured to me when on my way to an apoitment laid out on my back in the car piled high on top of matresses and blankets whinicing in pain as my family drove as carefully as possible. I can remeber feeling as if I could feel every rock in the ground gouging into my back. From then on, I wanted to rewrite the Hans Christian Anderson tale to highlight the best parts of disability, feminism, advoacy, as well as the hardest, darkest, and most beautiful parts.

This is the REAL story of the Princess and the Pea.