I’d like to say hello

I can see you staring at me…. it’s fine, I don’t mind. I know I look different. There’s a bandage here with a tube coming out of there. I have wheels under my bum, that I can’t even push. I wear a hat that covers all of my hair leaving to question… is there hair

NO it’s not cancer….but your still staring. 

I know I’m rather thin and pale and have sunken eyes. My feet are turned in and I’m not wearing shoes and I’m in sweats. And there’s even a checkered blanket over my legs like we just left a nursing home(great blanket). Without question I look sick. Today my disability is visible. But if you cover my sunken baggy eyes with makeup I’m still disabled. And if I go out I’m still disabled. And the longer you stare won’t make me better. Instead, feel free to say, hi or tell me about my bad ass wheelchair. Keep your stares and trade them in for any other greeting because I could use more friends in this world. 

I’m just like everyone else, just sick. 


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