My being- and what it means to me when they say CRPS doesnt own them 

We often say crps doesn’t own us but, 

CRPS Is the monster under your bed. 

It’s the scary dream that keeps you up. 

It’s what no one talks about but you know, is there. 

Crps beats you up when your down it punches you scathes you with burns of scolding grease and leaving you dead cold inside. 

Crps takes what is rightfully yours. It ruins your body and one by one ruins limbs organs and all ideas of normality. 

CRPS can destroy families and friends or as a wise friend once said “Prune my trees” of toxic relationships. Maybe crps helped. Or maybe it forced it upon me. 

I’d liked to think CRPS has at least shown me the light in the world. The kindness undeniable good of others. There is good in this world and darkness and I’ve seen both vividly. 

I go to that dark place in pain under my bed because crps forces it upon you as we tremor tirelessly abused and beaten meds, doctors, and a system that forgot about chronic sufferers. So when we say we are fighters there is so much fight behind that pain. 

Crps may control much of my body right now, but my mind and soul are mine. My being is me. I am.  

CRPS Will never own me. 


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