My GO Fund Me

Please share my story and help donate to my medical funds by clicking the link below. Gofundme

To everyone who has already donated, Thank you from the bottom of my heart this wouldn’t be possible without you.

As my health continues on this roller coaster of decline it’s frustrating that money is always an obstacle among others. I just ask you share my story I don’t want others in pain and certainly to go through this and if there is any extra money it will be donated to help get awareness for crps So others can get help sooner. 

This my crps spreading weeks after a break and sprain. It was already beginning to spread my other leg and up my calf by this point.

Please don’t be shy and share my  GoFundMe

I’m currently looking for new treatments. I’ve just had a feeding tube placed because I was malnourished. I’m still struggling to get used to this change but hoping this will give me strength. 

Help me keep fighting and share my story. 

I’m always here to answer questions as well